Effective exercises for on the vibration plate

6 vibrating plate exercises with results 

A vibration plate is known for allowing you to do an effective workout with little effort. When you stand on the plate alone, you already experience positive effects, such as improving flexibility, fitness, muscle strength and circulation. Want to make your workout even more effective and challenging? Then add various vibration plate exercises. In this blog, we discuss various exercises you can combine with the vibration plate. This way, you will burn extra calories and stimulate specific muscle groups!


Define your goal

When working out on the vibration plate, it is important to determine your training goal. This is because based on this, you can select different vibration plate exercises that will help you achieve your goal. In addition, it gives you extra motivation and focus and helps you measure your results, so you know exactly what you have already achieved. 

Think of the following goals: build muscle mass, get more strength, become more flexible, get better balance and get fitter.


How do you use a vibrating plate?

Working out with a vibration plate is super easy. All you have to do is stand on the vibration plate. The vibrations emitted by the plate unbalance your body. Your body responds by tensing your muscles. This way, you have an effective work-out without having to put in any effort. Sounds good, right?


Planking for abs

Want to give your abs a serious workout? Then try vibration plate planking. Vibration plate planking is a lot more effective than planking without a vibration plate. This is because the vibrations of the vibration plate cause your abdominal muscles to tighten just a little bit more than with a traditional plank. 

This vibration plate exercise may sound a bit complicated but it certainly isn't. It works as follows: Place your forearms on the vibration plate while keeping your body in a straight line and leaning on your toes. While doing this, constantly press your navel inwards and keep your back in a neutral position. Then hold this position for as long as possible.



Lunges for leg muscles

Lunges are a perfect addition to your workout if you would like firm leg muscles. A great advantage of this exercise is that it also trains your abdominal and calf muscles and improves your balance. 

Perform the lunges as follows: stand on the vibration plate with one foot. Sink through your front leg and make a 90-degree angle with your front knee. Try to keep your legs as straight as possible while lowering. Then return to your starting position and repeat the exercise as many times as you want. Make sure you change legs regularly during the exercise.


Push ups for arm muscles

When you're tired of doing a lot of push ups every time, it's time to try push ups on the vibration plate. The vibrations of the vibration plate make the arm, shoulder and chest muscles work harder, making you train more effectively and do fewer repetitions. So you need to do fewer reps for the same results! 

Push-ups on the vibration plate are done as follows: place both hands shoulder-width apart on the vibration plate and keep your body in a straight line. Bend your elbows and lower your upper body towards the ground. When your upper body almost touches the ground, bring your body back to the position you started in.


Squats for legs and buttocks

Squats are very popular for training the lower body. When you combine squats with the vibration plate, you will find that the exercise becomes even more impactful. 

Perform the squats as follows: stand on the vibration plate with both feet shoulder-width apart. Bend your knees, push your buttocks back and 'sit' at a 90-degree angle. It is important to keep your lower legs straight while doing this. Hold this position at the lowest point and then return to the starting position. You can repeat this exercise as many times as you like.


Calf raises for the calf muscles

Want to train for powerful calf muscles? Then combine a workout on the vibration plate with calf raises. This exercise focuses entirely on the calves and ankles and is performed as follows: place your feet flat on the vibration plate. Then stand on your toes, keep your knees extended and tighten your calf muscles. Then sink back to the starting position in a controlled way, taking a short break here. Then perform this exercise again.


Hip bridge for abdominal and gluteal muscles

There are several exercises on vibration plate that exercise your abdominal and gluteal muscles. The hip bridge is one of these exercises. Because the vibrations of a vibration plate increase muscle tension, performing a hip bridge on a vibration plate is much more effective than doing it without a vibration plate. 

Perform the hip bridge as follows: lie on your back and place your feet on the vibration plate. Push your hips up while tightening your abdominal and gluteal muscles. Then repeat these exercises several times.


Additional tips for vibration plate exercises

It is important to build up your fitness workouts gradually and schedule enough rest days to avoid overloading your muscles and injuries. Always train with trainers and make sure you have enough water before, during and after your workout. 

To see real results from training, a healthy lifestyle and variety in training is important.