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Waist Trainers

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Vibra Tone Max
Gymform Total ABS
Gymform Total Abs Platinum
GymForm Duo Impulse
Gymform abs-a-round pro platinum sport size L-XL
Sauna Reducer Digital by Velform

What is a waist trainer?

What is a waist trainer anyway? A waist trainer is an abdominal muscle trainer and a popular tool that helps with weight loss. It's a corset-like belt that you wear around your waist. Abdominal trainers work on the basis of electrical impulses; because they give small shocks, the body is put to work. The popular product is specially designed to target a specific zone. For example, think of the abdomen, legs, arms or love handles. A waist trainer is also often used during a workout. For support and to improve posture.

Slimminglabs only sells the popular variants that have been sold for years, including through television. Although the abdominal trainers support weight loss well, they are of course no panacea. It is also important to watch your diet and exercise enough. Want to know more about buying the best waist trainer? Then read on quickly.


Buying the right waist trainer

Do you want to achieve optimal results? Then of course you have to buy the right waist trainer. At Slimminglabs you will find a varied collection of waist trainers / abdominal trainers that suit different wishes and requirements. When buying a waist trainer, always take into account your body type, training goals and any specific zones you want to address. Do you want to be able to target your buttocks, stomach, thighs, hips, waist and more zones? For example, take a look at the Vibra Tone Max. Do you want to adopt a good posture during training and especially work on your stomach and waist? Then the Velform Sauna Slimmer maybe something for you. Do you want to buy a waist trainer but are you unsure about which variant suits you? Contact us and our expert team will be happy to assist you.


What is an abdominal trainer?

A waist trainer, also called an abdominal trainer, is an ideal tool if you want to get a slimmer waist or stomach. An abdominal trainer is a device that you place around your abdomen, after which electrical signals are sent to your muscles. This is also called EMS (electrical muscle simulation). Thanks to the abdominal trainer, your muscles think they are working hard, while this is not the case. Muscles contract and relax, mimicking exercise. You can use the abdominal trainer for your abdomen, but also for other zones. An abdominal trainer has many advantages. This makes the muscles stronger, contributes to increased fat burning, improves blood circulation and saves time. The best abs trainer according to us? The Gymform Total Abs Platinum!


Choose the best abdominal trainer

Do you want to make your muscles work hard and train your entire abdomen with an abdominal trainer? Then you can choose the best Vibratone Max, Gymform Abs Platinum or the Gymform Total Abs. Do you want support in growing a six-pack? Or do you want to train specific muscles in your legs, buttocks, arms or other zones? Then the Gymform Six Pack ideal for you. If you are looking for the best abdominal trainer for all body zones, the Gymform Duo Impulse something for you. Buying a waist trainer but still no idea what suits you best? We are happy to help you!


Our collection of waist trainers and abdominal trainers

We are extremely proud of our extensive collection of top quality waist trainers and abdominal trainers. The products have been carefully selected based on effectiveness, quality, durability and customer satisfaction. Do you want to train your waist and buy an abdominal trainer? Or do you want more information about the best abdominal trainer? Contact us and we will be happy to help you make choices. The beauty of it all? If you choose to buy a waist trainer, you will receive it the next working day. This way you can get started quickly!