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Fitness Accessoires

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Gymform Abs A Round Console en elektroden pads
Elektrodenpads - Circulation Maxx
Opberghoes - Bioenergiser Vibration Leg Trainer
Gymform Sweat Belt
Resistance Bands - Bx Fitness

An added value for every athlete

Fitness accessories are very important for a good workout. The right accessories make your fitness exercises a lot more effective and help you achieve your fitness goals.

In our range you will find various sports accessories that are indispensable for an extra effective training. Think of: EMS-trainers that stimulate and strengthen your muscles through electrical impulses, electrode pads for EMS training that you use with an EMS trainer and sweatbands which increase your sweat production and heat production, causing you to burn more toxins and fat.

Every athlete can come to us: we have a wide range of fitness accessories for women and fitness accessories for men. These are suitable for both beginners and advanced athletes.


Electrode pads for EMS training

With an EMS training, also known as electromyostimulation, your muscles are stimulated and strengthened by electrical impulses. As with a normal workout, your muscles will first tense and then relax. The only difference with weight training is that the impulse in an EMS training comes from the electrodes on your skin and not from the brain.

Electrode pads increase the effectiveness of EMS training. They improve the conduction of the electrical impulses and the gel on these pads allows the EMS trainer to stick better to your body. This way you get the most out of your training!


Sweatbands as sports accessories

If you want a little extra help while losing weight or want to make your training even more effective, you can wear a sweatband. This thermal garment increases body temperature and sweat production, helping you burn more toxins and fat in a shorter time. This increases the effectiveness of the training and you lose weight faster.

You can easily wear this sport accessory wherever and whenever you want: during your fitness training, walking, playing tennis, football or running. A matter of: fitness accessory to do and go!


Fitness accessories from Slimminglabs

Slimminglabs is happy to support you in achieving your sporting goals, whether you are a starting athlete or an advanced athlete.

We have carefully selected our fitness accessories and put together an extensive range of high-quality products that increase the effectiveness of your workouts. This way you can be sure that they do what you can expect of them.

We understand that you want to get started with the accessories right away. We therefore deliver your order at home the next working day, so you can quickly start achieving your fitness goals.

Do you have any questions about our fitness accessories? Or would you like to receive advice about which sports accessories suit your goals? Please feel free to contact us. Our specialists are happy to help you!