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Skin care

huid verzorging

Skin care


  1. Skin care for beautiful skin
  2. Counteracting skin ageing
  3. Reduce wrinkles with anti aging
  4. Skin care products at Slimming Labs
  5. Frequently asked questions about skin care

Looking for the right skincare for you? With all those creams, serums and treatments on the market, sometimes you don't know where to look. While it's really important to take good care of your skin in a way that suits you and your skin type. Whether you are young and there is no problem yet, or you are a bit older and would like to actively do something about skin ageing and wrinkle formation.

Your skin is your largest organ, and you need to take good care of it.

In this article, you will find out how to do just that! We will tell you all about how best to take care of your skin, how to fight against wrinkles and which products are best suited to you.

Skin care for beautiful skin

It is important to know what skin type you have. Based on that, you can determine the best care. Normal skin is often healthy, but it still needs care. 

With dry skin, it is important to use products that better retain the moisture in your skin, and with oily skin use mild cleansing products to avoid stimulating the skin's fat production even more. With sensitive skin, it is important to use mild care. With allergic skin, it is important to find out exactly what your skin is allergic to so you can avoid it. Red skin can have all sorts of causes; damage, sunburn or rosacea. Again, it is important to find out what causes it and use mild products.

Skin care without alcohol and perfume

For every skin type, it is important to use appropriate, caring products. Try to avoid products with perfume or alcohol, for example; these can easily dry out your skin, even if you can tolerate them. Use neutral products that do not irritate your skin. Cleanse your skin every day. It is important to remove make-up and dirt as well as sweat and sebum for clean and even skin. Using a scrub will cleanse your skin of dead skin cells and make your dull skin glow again. This is a bit more intense for your skin though, so don't do this more than twice a week. Next, rehydrate your skin by using a fine moisturiser that suits your skin type.

Skin care with SPF

Finally, protect your skin properly from the sun: even on a cloudy spring day, you can suffer UV damage that can cause skin cancer. Use a cream with SPF every day and if it's really sunny a sunscreen.

Counteracting skin ageing

From the age of 25, your skin renews itself at a slower and slower rate. The older you get, the slower your skin cells repair themselves. For most people, wrinkles and blemishes start to become visible from 35 to 40 years of age. This is a natural process, it is part of life. In part, your skin ageing process is hereditary. But you can certainly give your skin a helping hand to stay elastic and healthy. There are remedies proven to combat skin ageing. So in addition to the good cleansing and care of your skin we discussed above, you can really do something about it - both inside and out.

It is important to relax enough. In a busy life, this is sometimes easier said than done, but stress really does wreak havoc on your body - and hence your skin. Stress contributes to the ageing of your body. So try to limit stress. A good way is to exercise: this reduces stress. Clean your skin well after exercising to remove all the sweat. Smoking also contributes to the ageing of your skin: elastin and collagen are broken down faster, making you more prone to sagging skin. To combat skin ageing, it's best to stop smoking.

But what should you do?

Above all, eat and drink plenty of antioxidants. These counteract the ageing of your body cells. Antioxidants are for instance found in green tea, (red) fruit, certain herbs and vegetables.

Drink enough water (1.5 to 2 litres a day) to stay hydrated from the inside, and use an appropriate cream to do so from the outside.

Reduce wrinkles with anti aging

Getting wrinkles is part of the natural process of ageing. You can't stop them, but fortunately, you can give your skin a hand in reducing those wrinkles. Smoking and sun damage are the biggest factors that have a negative impact on causing wrinkles. So try to avoid these as much as possible. However, there are also factors you can't do much about. Wrinkles occur because the muscles in your face are in motion. Think, for instance, of folds on the forehead or laugh lines around the eyes and mouth. To combat wrinkles, it is therefore best to stop smiling, but whether that is really cosy....

Air pollution also has a negative impact on your skin. You can't always easily change the environment where you live or work, but it does affect the faster ageing of your skin. Healthy living has the most positive impact on your skin and on reducing wrinkles.

By using anti-ageing products, you can help your skin from the outside to fight those wrinkles.

Anti aging creme of serum

Good skin care with a day cream and SPF sun protection is important for everyone. If you want to actively fight skin ageing, you can also add an anti-ageing cream or serum to your skincare routine. Pay particular attention to the active ingredients, so that you choose a cream that actually does something for your skin. Hyaluronic acid is an example of such an ingredient: in the skin, it binds up to 1,000 times its own weight in moisture. So it has a very hydrating effect. Vitamin C is also an important ingredient in an anti-ageing serum. It prevents the process that affects your connective tissue and causes sagging skin and wrinkles. 

When you get a bit older (40+), it is important to support your skin's elasticity. You can do this with peptides. Peptides are made through biotechnology and can penetrate the skin and stimulate the cells. 

Vitamin A and retinol are also ingredients that can rejuvenate skin. However, these products are only available by prescription. Retinol is sometimes included in drugstore products, but because it can be irritating, manufacturers often only add a low percentage to their creams: this, in turn, has little effect. When choosing a product with vitamin A or retinol, pay attention to exactly how much of the substance is in your cream.

Anti aging treatments

Besides taking care of your skin yourself and lubricating it with creams, you can also go to a beautician for an anti-ageing treatment to combat skin ageing.

They cannot stop the ageing process either, but they can slow it down.

A connective tissue massage is the most well-known and probably the most effective anti-ageing treatment. Your skin is firmly kneaded and massaged, activating the production of collagen in your skin. It helps blood flow to the skin making it firmer, tighter and wrinkle softening.

Exfoliation uses different acids. These remove old skin cells and stimulate the production of new cells. One of the most well-known types is glycolic acid. This gives a fresh look and can even protect against sun damage. However, caution is needed; as it removes dead skin cells, it temporarily thins the top layer. When you then go out in the sun, it can actually cause more damage.

Normally, the cells in your skin renew themselves every 28 days. From the age of 25, that adds about one day a year. So when you are 50, your skin takes twice as long to renew itself. With a peeling, you can give your skin a hand in this renewal process.

Micro peeling is also a treatment that stimulates the production of collagen. Minuscule holes are punctured in the skin that provide this stimulation. In addition, products are better absorbed by your skin because your skin is more 'open'.

Be sure to ask a skin specialist in your area which treatments they offer and which one is most suitable for your skin.

Collagen for the skin

Collagen gives your hair, nails, bones, muscles and joints structure and elasticity. It is an important protein in the body and also provides elasticity and firmness to the skin.

Your body makes its own collagen, but after the age of 25 your body can do this less and less well. In fact, after the age of 50, your body makes almost no collagen at all. This results in thinner skin and wrinkles. But muscles and joints also become a bit stiffer and movement becomes less smooth.

UV damage from the sun, eating sugar, smoking, caffeine and alcohol all negatively affect the production of collagen. So not only bad for your body, but especially for your skin.

What you can do is take vitamin C and hyaluronic acid. You can also get collagen through your diet. Chicken, beef and eggs are rich in collagen. In addition, you can take a collagen powder or supplement. Eat plenty of fruits and vegetables; these contain vitamin C which stimulates collagen production.

Skin care products at Slimming Labs

At Slimming Labs, you will find all kinds of products that can help you keep your skin beautiful and healthy and combat skin ageing. You can do this from the outside with an anti-ageing cream or anti aging serum, but also from within with a collagen supplement. If you already suffer from wrinkles, you can also tackle them with a special wrinkle filler.

With Slimming Labs' range, you can boost your entire skin care regime. Delivered within a day and with 100% satisfaction guarantee!

Frequently asked questions about skin care

What's good for your skin?

What is good for your skin depends on your skin type. For dry skin, it is important to use a moisturiser, while for oily skin it is better to use a mild cleanser. For everyone, regardless of your skin type or age, it is always important to use sun protection with SPF. Even on a cloudy day! This is the best way you can combat skin ageing yourself.

What skin care products do I need?

A nourishing cream and sun protection with SPF are skin products everyone should use, regardless of your age or skin type. Which and how many other skin care products you need depends on your skin type. Determine whether you have oily, dry, normal or sensitive skin and find products to match.

What is exfoliating the skin?

Exfoliating is also known as scrubbing. A scrub cream contains tiny granules that deeply cleanse your skin. It thoroughly removes dead skin cells and other dirt from your face. You can't do exfoliation every day, and you should be careful with it even with sensitive skin. Exfoliating once or twice a week is enough.

What should I look out for in anti-wrinkle cream?

When buying an anti-wrinkle cream, pay particular attention to its active ingredients. Hyaluronic acid, for example, is an important ingredient to keep your skin firm and elastic. Vitamin C also combats sagging skin. Collagen, the substance that ensures the elasticity of your skin, is best ingested: processed in a cream, it cannot penetrate your skin properly.

What really helps against wrinkles?

Quit smoking, Use sun protection with SPF, Use anti-ageing cream with hyaluronic acid, Eat collagen-rich products or take collagen supplements

From what age to use anti-ageing cream

From the age of 25, your body starts making less collagen, which provides the elasticity of your skin. That sounds very young, but from then on the skin ageing process starts slowly. So it is a good idea to start applying an anti-ageing cream around age 30. Do choose a cream that suits your age. From the age of 40 your skin really starts producing less collagen, so you can start with a somewhat stronger anti-ageing cream.

What is collagen good for?

Collagen provides elasticity and structure to your skin, hair, nails, bones, muscles and joints. In your skin, it mainly provides elasticity and firmness. Your body makes its own collagen, but this production decreases as you age. So you can eat collagen-rich products like chicken, beef and eggs, or take a collagen powder or supplement.


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