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Some people need to increase their libido. Taking aphrodisiacs is therefore a good option for them. Aphrodisiacs, also called sexual stimulants or libido boosters, can naturally help you to have more sex drive. Certain substances promote blood flow to the sexual organ and stimulate the production of sex hormones. Most libido enhancers consist of natural ingredients such as maca, fenugreek, ginseng and vitamin B. Each ingredient works differently per person and miracle cures do not exist, so find out what can help you.

Natural ingredients

Maca is known for increasing libido by improving energy levels and promoting hormonal balance. Ginseng also contributes to improving erection and reducing stress, which often indirectly affects sexual arousal. Fenugreek seed, on the other hand, increases testosterone production in men and balances estrogen levels in women. Vitamin B also ensures your energy level, which at low levels may reduce your desire for sex.

Please note that this has not been substantiated by research, but there is a lot written about this on the internet.

Increasing libido and potency

Taking aphrodisiacs and potency enhancing pills has several advantages. It not only ensures an increased libido, but also contributes to improving sexual performance.

The aphrodisiacs can promote blood flow to the sexual organ. In men, this can support achieving and maintaining an erection. This makes it easier for women to become aroused and experience a better sexual response. These drugs also increase physical endurance, which can result in longer sexual sessions and an improved ability to please the partner. These aspects can in turn improve sexual performance.

Please note: this has not been substantiated by research, but a lot is written about this on the internet.

Resources for a healthy sex life

External factors such as stress, medication and age influence your libido and potency.


When you experience stress for a longer period of time, the stress hormone cortisol is produced. This hormone has a negative impact on your libido. It makes you alert and causes a flight or fight response. This can make you feel very restless. And yet relaxation is important for sex. Stress can also cause reduced blood flow to the penis, which can affect potency.

In addition, stress can lead to tension in your relationship, which in turn may affect your libido.


Some medications, such as antidepressants, antipsychotics and medications for high blood pressure and prostate problems, can affect your libido and cause erectile dysfunction. If you experience these problems, it is important to discuss this with a doctor.


Age also plays a natural role in sexual function. The production of estrogen, progesterone and testosterone decreases as you get older. This can cause an imbalance, lowering your libido. In men, this can also cause erection problems.

Depending on the cause, aphrodisiacs can help you increase your libido and reduce potency problems. Potency-enhancing drugs can, among other things, improve blood flow to the penis. In addition, many of these products contain substances that improve hormone balance and have a calming effect, which reduces stress.

Order aphrodisiac pills

We understand that quality, safety and effectiveness are very important when choosing these products. We have therefore carefully compiled our range with products that meet quality standards. In addition, we ensure that you receive your order the next day!