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Vibration plates

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Trilplaat Fitness Body 360 - Powerplate
As low as ‎98.95
Vibration Plate 3d Black
As low as ‎119.95
 Vibration Plate Power UP
BX Fitness - Ultra Slim Body Shaper Vibration Plate
As low as ‎149.95

Want to buy a vibrating plate? You need to know this

We have a very wide range of vibration plates for fitness from various brands. A vibration plate is very useful because you can easily train the entire body, but also specific problem zones.

A vibration plate works based on vibrations and can train the muscles of the legs, buttocks and your core. It is very easy to use: all you have to do is stand on it. A fitness vibration plate is also called a vibration plate in English. 

Training on the vibration plate works as follows: the vibration plate causes vibrations to the muscle groups in the body. The muscle groups then give a reflex.

How do you use a fitness vibration plate?

The use of a vibration plate for fitness is becoming increasingly popular. Not surprising, because a vibration plate is easy to use and suitable for all ages and sports levels. Moreover, you can achieve great results with a 10-minute workout on the vibration plate every day! 

With a vibration plate you can easily train from home. When you stand alone on the vibration plate, the vibrations already have a beneficial effect on the body. If you want to make the workout even more effective, you can alternate standing with various exercises such as push-ups, squats or lunges. This makes a workout with the fitness vibration plate very effective, diverse and also fun. 

Before you start training, it is useful to know exactly which part you want to train and what your problem zones are. Some vibration plates have additional functions and different levels at which you can train. These can then be monitored.

It is important to know that there are two types of vibrating plates: linear vibrating plates and oscillating vibrating plates. The difference between these two types is the direction of vibration. 

Linear vibrating plates

A linear vibration plate focuses mainly on the large muscles and less on the smaller muscles. With each vibration, the muscles on both sides of the body are contracted, training the entire body. 

Oscillating vibrating plates

With an oscillating vibration plate, the vibrations feel more natural and the muscles contract alternately. The load in the body is therefore more distributed and the effect is more even. An oscillating vibration plate is recommended if you suffer from joint pain. In addition, it is beneficial for your back and tendons. 

Vibration plates can help you, but you should not see it as a panacea. It can help, but eating healthy and exercising a lot is necessary to lose weight.

What does a vibration plate do to your body?

The vibration of the vibrating plate causes your body to become out of balance. Your muscles then tense to bring your body back into balance. Because your body is constantly trying to maintain balance by tensing your muscles (particularly the back, torso, arms and chest), you train your muscles without much strain and effort. This gives you more muscle strength.

Tightening the muscles through the vibrations also improves blood circulation. The increased blood circulation facilitates the transport of acid and nutrients to the body. This then improves metabolism, allowing you to burn more calories. Combined with a healthy diet and other forms of exercise, this may lead to weight loss.  

If you have problems with your bones, you can also improve bone density by using a vibrating plate. Because blood circulation and metabolism improve, the bones are strengthened. Enough reasons to buy a vibrating plate!

You can buy the best vibrating plates at Slimminglabs

At Slimminglabs we have various fitness vibration plates that train your body in a simple way. Safety is a very important aspect when buying a vibrating plate. We have therefore carefully put together our range and provided it with various high-quality brands. 

Before you buy a vibrating plate, it is important to investigate which type of vibrating plate suits your wishes and needs. There is a big difference in the options and training programs of each vibration plate. 

We understand that you want to receive the vibrating plate quickly. Simply order your vibrating plate online and we will deliver it to your home for free the next working day. This way you can test it out as quickly as possible!