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We are of course responsible for delivering a good product and a product must of course do what is expected of it. If this is not the case, we will repair, replace or refund your money in accordance with your legal rights if repair or replacement is not possible.

What are the legal guarantees?

The legal guarantee applies to all items that you buy from us. Legal guarantee means that a product is or must do what the consumer can reasonably expect from it. Some products also come with a manufacturer's warranty. This warranty does not affect the legal warranty.

Warranty is laid down by law in Europe, but there are also national rules regarding warranty. We comply with all the rules set in each country. And we are often even more lenient because we believe that everyone should receive a good product. Everything also goes to soundness and also to reporting on time. Legally, you have a 2-year warranty on every electrical appliance in Europe, but every country has exceptions. Suppose you buy  something in a store for 5 euros and it breaks after 2 years. Then you are not entitled to a guarantee in the Netherlands, for example. But if you buy a washing machine in the Netherlands, a washing machine must last longer than 2 years. So it has to do with validity. In some countries you have to report it within 2 months if you have received something that is broken.

Would you like to know if your product is covered by the warranty and what we can do for you? Then please contact us. We always try to find a suitable solution.

We believe that the customer should be number 1, which is why we always try to find a suitable solution. For example, can we still order the part or can we exchange it at the manufacturer. We will work for you to find all possible solutions. Our customer service is available every day and our warehouse and technical service are open every day from 10:00 to 22:00 to carry out any repairs. Of course we have a selection moment if a product is returned a lot, we will remove it from our range.