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Hair supplements for healthy and radiant hair

Many people use a so-called 'skin care routine' every day, but spend little time caring for their hair. And while good care of our hair is a must for 'healthy hair' that is shiny, elastic and easy to comb. When your hair is unkempt, it can lead to hair problems such as damaged hair, split ends, dryness, dandruff, hair loss and reduced hair growth. Hair vitamins and hair supplements can promote hair health. They contribute to the repair of damaged hair, improvement of hair quality and stimulation of hair growth. This gives your hair a healthy appearance, resulting in a boost of self-confidence.

Grow hair faster with hair growth supplements

Sometimes it may be necessary to give your hair some extra care from within. Hair growth supplements give your body extra nutrients that strengthen your hair from within. Most of these supplements consist of an optimal dosage of the ingredients vitamin B8, vitamins C and D and zinc.

Vitamine B8

Vitamin B8, also called biotin or vitamin H, is one of the most important ingredients to keep your hair healthy. This vitamin plays a role in the production of keratin. Keratin ensures that your hair is flexible and strong. This will make your hair less likely to break and split. In addition, keratin fibers form a protective layer for your hair. This protects your hair against external factors such as heat and sunlight. In addition, vitamin B8 stimulates hair growth.

Vitamin C in D

In addition to vitamin B, vitamins C and D can contribute to the overall health of the hair. This allows them to stimulate hair growth.


Zinc is also involved in the formation of keratin. In addition, zinc is essential for cell division and the production of proteins. Both ensure healthy hair growth.

Special supplements against hair loss

In addition to supplements that stimulate hair growth, there are also supplements against hair loss. Hair growth supplements are mainly designed for people who want to accelerate or improve their hair growth or improve the quality of their hair. Hair loss supplements, on the other hand, are mainly aimed at reducing and preventing hair loss. They do this by strengthening the hair follicles.

Order hair supplements

Ready to make your hair look full and healthy again? At Slimminglabs you can buy hair supplements for both men and women. Our extensive range consists of products of the best quality. Are you ordering hair growth supplements or supplements against hair loss today? Then you will have them at home tomorrow! Do you need advice in making the right choice? Our specialists are ready to help you.