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Pro Breast Plus
WOW Bust Cream
Upsize Cream
Special Price ‎30.00 Regular Price ‎39.95 As low as ‎29.96
Betox Body Restart
Beauty Derm facialcream
Bravona Forte
pro biotic slim
cleany forte
Diaet Kapseln + trophen
Diaet Kapseln + trophen
ICG FBurner
action slim
Onycosolve Nail Oil
lactifresh gel - intimate care gel
Nutra Myco
CB Slim

Beauty products for the body

There are many benefits to using beauty products for the body. Body products such as creams and lotions help hydrate the skin and improve skin texture, leaving your body looking radiant and healthy. In addition, they can support general health by removing dead skin cells and bacteria.

At Slimminglabs we have an extensive range of body care products. We have body products for the feet and nails, but also body products that reduce skin problems such as psoriasis.

Creams and other body products

Many people have an extensive skincare routine, but often forget to take care of the rest of the body, although this is very important. It is then a good idea to add a body care cream to your routine.

To stay healthy, your skin needs sufficient moisture. Body creams can support your skin by retaining moisture in the skin. This prevents skin problems such as itching, dryness and flaky skin.

They can also remove dead skin cells and make the skin smoother. This way you not only ensure that your skin feels soft, but also looks radiant and good.

Have you been relaxing in the sun? It is also very important to take care of your skin with body products. Creams can prevent dehydration and repair the skin.

Body care from within

Your body reflects your health and needs good care. Our products can easily contribute to a more beautiful body.

Do you suffer from dry arms and legs? Then use a moisturizing cream like Beauty Derm. Do you want to reduce joint pain and swelling? Then is Ostys Health a good addition to your body care. Do you suffer from brittle nails? Then strengthen your nails with a nail oil such as Onycosolve Nail Oil. Curious which body products can further support your body? Our specialists are ready to help you.

Order products for the body

At Slimminglabs you can find body products for the feet and nails as well as body products for skin problems. Our specialists have put together a range that only contains high-quality products that contribute to good body care. This way you know that these products add value to your daily morning and evening routine. Are you buying body care products today? Then you will have them at home the next working day!