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Trilplaat Fitness Body 360 - Powerplate
As low as ‎98.95
Vibration Plate 3d Black
As low as ‎119.95
 Vibration Plate Power UP
Gymform Ab Booster Plus
Core Shaper
Total Crunch Evol 2-in-1 - Fitness Device
Fitness Gym Pull-up Bar -  Optrekstang
Gymform Ab Generator 
Total Crunch
Gymform abs-a-round pro platinum sport size L-XL
Gymform Abs A Round Console en elektroden pads
Revoflex Xtreme
Wonder Core – Slide Fit
As low as ‎119.00
Iron Gym - Xtreme - Deurtrainer
Gymform Total Abs Platinum
BX Fitness - Ultra Slim Body Shaper Vibration Plate
As low as ‎149.95

Discover our fitness equipment

Fitness equipment is an easy tool to get a good workout in without having to go to the gym. Slimminglabs has many devices that can address specific problems or muscle groups. We offer products for the legs, arms and back, so that you can tackle specific zones. There are also products to train endurance.

Fitness equipment for more effective strength training

Strength training using a fitness machine has several advantages. First of all, it is easy to use. The movements are largely controlled by the fitness equipment. This ensures that you master the exercises faster and reduces the risk of injuries. 

In addition, fitness equipment makes it easier to isolate specific muscle groups. This way you can train lagging muscle groups extra or ensure that they are not stressed (for example when you suffer from an injury and these muscles need rest). Furthermore, compared to exercises with heavy free weights where you need a spotter, you can now train alone. Because you are not dependent on others, you can train where and when you want.

Which fitness equipment do you need?

Discover the various fitness equipment that targets specific muscle groups. From strength training equipment that targets your entire body to equipment specifically for legs, arms and back — each equipment has its purpose. Vary exercises so that you train all muscle groups. Stronger muscles not only improve your posture and stability, but also help prevent back pain and increase fat burning.

Are you considering buying fitness equipment? First determine which muscle groups you mainly want to train. Because you can manage your own time and don't have to go to a gym first, you can go anytime training at home if you have time. This way you can train in a flexible way.

For the back

A strong back is essential for good posture, a stable core, and reducing back pain. Train your back muscles to support your spine and prevent injuries, especially if you often do physical work.

For the legs

Don't underestimate the importance of leg exercises. You use your leg muscles in almost every activity — from walking and cycling to sports like football and running. Stronger legs help with daily activities and improve your sports performance.

For the poor

Train your arms for more than just a muscular appearance. Strong arm muscles support daily tasks, improve your posture and provide more strength. They also improve your running performance through more efficient arm movements.


A strong core is fundamental. It improves your balance and stability, supports your body in all movements and can reduce back problems. Train your abs for a tighter look and a boost in self-confidence. Usage ab trainers such as ab rollers or crunch machines to target this muscle group.