Vibration plate for feet and legs

Are you looking for a way to relax your feet and legs or reduce pain? Then a vibration plate for feet and legs is ideal! Whether you have restless limbs, frequent muscle aches or just want to relax at home; Slimminglabs' vibration plates are definitely recommended. Especially a vibration plate for legs and feet! In this blog, we explain exactly what a vibration plate is and what it does for your feet and legs.


What is a vibrating plate?

A vibration plate is a device that uses vibrations to stimulate and relax different parts of the body. You have vibration plates to use for fitness and slimming purposes, but in this case we focus on vibration plates for feet and legs. These variants are different anyway; in fact, they are specifically designed for the lower limbs. The plates are compact and often have massage points to massage tension out of the feet and legs. The vibrations stimulate the tissue, reducing muscle tension, fatigue and/or restlessness.


What does a vibration plate do for feet and legs?

A vibration plate for legs and feet has many benefits. Do you stand for long days, walk a lot or exercise often? Then a vibration plate for legs and feet can help relax your tense muscles. Is your circulation not optimal and therefore you suffer from complaints such as swelling? Then use the plate to improve circulation. Another possibility is that you suffer from restless limbs. In this case, using a vibration plate can be very nice. The vibrations can calm your nerves and reduce restless feelings. Especially restless at night, using a leg vibrating plate is very pleasant.


Massager for feet and legs

Would you like to use a vibration plate to relax your limbs, reduce muscle tension or perhaps enjoy a wonderful massage? You can do so with Slimminglabs' dedicated vibration plates. A fine and popular vibrating plate for legs and feet is the "Leg Action Platinum". This vibrating plate has as many as 10 programmes, 20 speeds and an extra Shiatsu massage function. Another fine vibrating plate for feet and legs is the "Gymform Leg Action"; the sister of the Leg Action Platinum. With no less than 6 massage programmes and different vibration levels, you will enjoy it to the fullest while complaints can also diminish or even disappear.


Rest your feet, put it on and relax! 

Treating your feet and legs to a relaxing massage while also reducing any complaints? It really doesn't have to be complicated! A special foot and leg vibrating plate is easy to use at home, even while you are sitting on the couch enjoying your favourite series. Just grab the vibrating plate after a long day at work, switch it on and vibrate away! Do you have questions about which vibration plate is right for you? Or can we help you with something else? Feel free to contact us, we are happy to help.