Does a vibrating plate really work?

A vibration plate emits vibrations to the body. Your muscles then respond to this by alternately tightening and relaxing. A workout on the vibration plate is said by many to have particularly good effects. For instance, it would improve your circulation, fitness, muscle strength and flexibility, and stimulate fat loss. 

The question now is: does a vibration plate really work? And does a workout on this machine really bring about such positive effects? After all, it seems almost too good to be true! In this blog, we discuss various studies and answer these questions.

Does a vibration plate work for better blood flow

Sellers of a vibration plate often claim that a workout on this device improves blood flow. But the question is, is this information accurate?

A study on the effects of therapy with vibrations transmitted to the body (Whole Body Vibration) shows that a vibration plate does improve blood flow!

In fact, according to them, a workout on the vibration plate is an effective method for improving circulation in healthy individuals, as well as in those suffering from a disorder in the functioning of blood vessels, such as patients with type 2 diabetes. In healthy individuals, even one 3-minute therapy appears to be enough to significantly improve blood flow in the muscles. 

An added benefit is that improved blood flow helps to remedy cellulite and muscle pain.

Improving fitness and muscle strength

Can a vibration plate really improve fitness and muscle strength? That is what several researchers wondered. They divided subjects into 3 groups, with group 1 training on a vibration plate, group 2 doing resistance, balance and stretching exercises and group 3 not participating in workouts. 

Indeed, after 1 year, the group that trained on the vibration plate and the group that did other fitness exercises had similar improvements in maximal oxygen uptake and muscle strength. However, the fitness group improved more in time-to-peak exercise than the group on the vibration plate. 

So while a vibration plate is no substitute for a full workout, there is some evidence that both your fitness and muscle strength can improve.


Does a vibration plate work to lose weight

One of the most frequently asked questions is: does a vibration plate work for losing weight. Unfortunately, there is no strong evidence yet that it actually helps with weight loss. 

According to research, muscle activation does occur during a workout on the vibration plate, but energy expenditure in response is quite low. A workout on the vibration plate may well increase oxygen uptake. However, with extra load, high vibration frequency and/or amplitude, it is still not as effective as regular exercises to make your breathing and heart rate stronger, such as jogging or cycling.

To see real results, it is important to combine a workout on the vibration plate with aerobic training and a healthy lifestyle.

Improving flexibility

A vibration plate is often used to improve flexibility, but is it really that effective? Researchers compared the effects of 3 weeks of vibration training for the upper body, a combination of vibration and stretching and stretching alone on shoulder flexibility. 

What it turns out: vibration training on its own or in combination with stretching and stretching, is an effective method to increase flexibility.


Conclusion: does a vibration plate really work?

Before you proceed to buy a vibration plate, you obviously want to know if a vibration plate really works.

The answer to this is YES! 

A vibration plate improves flexibility when used in combination with stretching. It also improves fitness, muscle strength and blood circulation. The improved circulation, in turn, helps relieve cellulite and muscle pain.