Don't underestimate the benefits of core training

Do you suffer from back pain or want to improve your stability and balance? Then it might be time to try core training!

What is core training?

Core training allows you to improve core-stability, also known as trunk stability. Your torso consists of no less than 29 muscles; the back, buttock, abdominal and hip muscles. These muscles are responsible for your balance and stability and support your body in many different movements. With different fitness exercises like the plank and sit-up, you train these different muscle groups to strengthen your core.

5 benefits of core training

A strong core is very important. This is because it improves posture, stability, balance and sports performance. It also improves posture and reduces back pain and the risk of injuries!

1. Reducing back pain

Low back pain, many people suffer from it from time to time. Usually, this low back pain comes about because you sit for too long a period at a time. Not for nothing is low back pain a common pain in people with office jobs. 

When you sit, your lower back is strained. The spinal column in particular suffers. The pressure on the intervertebral discs also increases. If this persists for a long time, lower back pain can occur. 

Core training can be a good way to combat lower back pain. The back and abdominal muscles form a so-called 'corset' for your spine. When you have strong back and abdominal muscles, these muscles can take the strain better. This ensures that your spine is under less strain and symptoms will diminish.

2. Better posture

If you have poor core-stability, you lack the strength to maintain good posture for an extended period of time. With core training, you can strengthen your core muscles. By strengthening core muscles, you will automatically sit and stand up straighter and be able to maintain this posture for longer.

3. Less risk of injury

People with insufficient core-stability are more likely to suffer meniscus problems, ankle problems, anterior cruciate ligament injuries or overuse injuries. Core training can prevent such injuries. This is because a strong core strengthens trunk stability and allows you to cope with unexpected movements. This reduces the risk of falling, overloading your body and straining muscles.

4. Improving stability and balance

Do you suffer from balance and stability problems? Then consider doing core training. As mentioned earlier, a strong core strengthens core stability and makes your body more balanced. Core training also helps maintain your stability into later life.

5. Improving sports performance

It may sound crazy, but core training helps improve your sports performance. After all, your torso is the base from which you make movements. With a strong core, you have more endurance and stability. This allows you to exercise more effectively and for longer. 

When you have a stable torso while running, you easily walk upright and can lift your legs better. Your body needs to compensate less and requires less energy. This allows you to sustain running more easily and perhaps eventually run faster.

Doing core training at home

You can easily do a core workout at home. In our product range, we have a wide range of home sports items that can help you strengthen your core without having to go to the gym.

Wonder Core - Slide Fit

The Wonder Core Slide Fit is a multifunctional fitness device for training the whole body. A great advantage of this device is that all parts of the core can be trained at the same time. A core workout with the Wonder Core Slide Fit strengthens muscles and improves balance and coordination.

The device is suitable for various exercises such as lunges, push-ups or planks. This makes for a very fun, effective and varied workout.

Core Shaper

With the Core Shaper, you can comfortably train your upper abs, lower abs, obliques, glutes, legs, arms and thighs. It is suitable for as many as 10 different exercises. Think various abdominal exercises, squats, push-ups and lunges. 

This core trainer also includes a unique Rolling Support Movement that massages the muscles and stimulates muscle tissues. Sounds like the perfect core trainer, right?

Total Fit Flex -5-in-1 rowing machine

The Total Fit Flex -5-in-1 rowing trainer, a machine that allows you to train various muscle groups such as your arms, legs, shoulders and core at the same time. The resistance dial makes it easy to adjust the rowing machine to your fitness level. By alternating rowing with push-ups, Ab-curls, Sit-ups and Arm-dips, you create a nice variety in your workout.

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