5 abdominal muscle machines and 5 tips for rock-solid abdominal muscles

Many people like to have a tight stomach and visible abs. But how do you achieve this without doing endless sit-ups? By training your abdominal muscles with an abdominal muscle machine! An abdominal trainer helps you achieve goals. Whether it concerns growing a six-pack or strengthening your core. The good news? To achieve this you don't even have to leave the house! In this blog we explain why abdominal muscle training is so good and we introduce you to our top 5 abdominal trainers for home use.

Why train your abs


An abdominal trainer is not only good to use if you want to get more abdominal muscles. An abdominal muscle machine also strengthens your core, improves your posture and can reduce back pain. All this contributes to better sports performance. This improves your endurance, you are less likely to get injuries and, thanks to a stronger core, it is easier to maintain balance. Fat burning is also stimulated by doing abdominal exercises with an abdominal muscle machine. If you are concerned with fitness an abdominal trainer is definitely something for you!

Top 5 abdominal trainers for at home

abdominal trainers

Do you want to train your abdominal muscles? Then it is certainly advisable to purchase an abdominal trainer and other sports equipment for your home. You can of course also do abdominal exercises in the gym, but did you know that training at home with a abdominal muscle device has several advantages compared to training in the gym? This way you don't have to leave the house and the threshold for exercising is lower, but you also don't have to travel, which saves you time. In addition, with your own abdominal trainer you decide when, in which room and how you train your abdominal muscles. Ideal! We list our top 5 abdominal trainers for at home for you.

Core Shaper


Core Shaper is a great and versatile abdominal machine to train your upper, lower and oblique abdominal muscles. But that's not all! With the Core Shaper you can also train your buttocks, legs, arms, thighs and other muscles. The abdominal trainer is suitable for a full-body workout. Do you want to purchase this abdominal muscle machine to train your abdominal muscles? Then simply do various abdominal exercises such as sit-ups, crunches and leg raises. The Core Shaper is also suitable for planks, side planks and twists. The abdominal trainer is easy to fold and store.

Device type: Full body
Suitable for: Beginners and advanced users

Gymform Ab Booster Plus


Would you like to do a total body workout from home? Then consider the ! This abdominal muscle machine trains next to you abdominal muscles also your pecs, triceps, biceps, back, thighs, calves and glutes. Train only your abdominal muscles or all muscle groups at the same time. The built-in computer keeps track of the various repetitions and, among other things, how many calories you burn. A very versatile, handy and compact abdominal trainer!

Device type: Full body
Suitable for: Beginners and advanced users

Gymform Total ABS


Of Gymform Total ABS is not just an abdominal trainer. It is an abdominal muscle device that is equipped with EMS, or Electro Muscle Stimulation. Electrical signals are sent to the muscles via electrodes. This makes your body think that you are exercising hard, while in reality you are relaxing on the couch. Place the Gymform Total ABS around your abdominal muscles and let the device do the work. The upper, oblique, lower, middle and lower abdominal muscles are trained at the touch of a button. The included small fitness band can be used to train triceps, biceps, calves, shoulders and other muscle groups.

Type of device: Specific for your abs
Suitable for: Beginners

Total Crunch Evol 2-in-1


Do you want to train other muscles in addition to your abdominal muscles and have access to an exercise bike right away? Then the Total Crunch Evol 2-in-1 buiktrainer something for you! Training at home is easier than ever before thanks to this versatile fitness equipment. With this abdominal muscle machine you can do four types of strength exercises. Namely pushing up the legs, squatting, performing back exercises and leg exercises. You can also perform cardio training and do many abdominal exercises with the Crunch Evol 2-in-1 abdominal trainer. You no longer need a gym membership.

Type of equipment: Abdomen, legs, buttocks, back and cardio
Suitable for: beginners and advanced users

Gymform Ab Celerate


The latest best abdominal muscle machine from Slimminglabs is the Gymform Ab Celerate. This is an ultimate all-in-one fitness device that allows you to train your abdominal muscles, glutes, triceps, biceps and other muscle groups. This abdominal trainer has no fewer than six different training options and the muscles are trained as efficiently as possible. Thanks to the resistance cables of the Gymform Ab Celerate, it is also possible to combine strength and cardio training.

Device type: Full body

Suitable for: beginners and advanced users

5 Tips for using the abdominal muscle machines

Focus on technique: Correct technique is crucial for effectiveness and safety. Poor technique can lead to injuries and reduced results. By focusing on proper form, you stimulate the muscles more effectively. Therefore, have someone watch whether you are performing the exercise correctly.

Increase the intensity in time:Build up slowly, but if an exercise feels too light, increase the resistance. This ensures continuous progression and muscle growth. Adding weights or increasing the difficulty helps prevent a plateau. If your muscles no longer feel challenged, you will no longer make progress.

Balans in training: A combination of exercises ensures better overall fitness and fat burning. Cardio improves endurance and strength training builds muscle mass. This also helps to promote balanced physical development.

Breathing technique: Good breathing supports the exercises and ensures better oxygen supply to the muscles. It also helps regulate strength and endurance during training.

Alternate your exercises: Training different muscle groups in the abdomen ensures a balanced and strong core. Different exercises target different parts of the abdominal muscles, leading to an overall improvement in strength and appearance.

Also pay attention to your diet

Losing belly fat and achieving a visible six-pack does not only depend on abdominal exercises. A correct diet plays a key role. For example, diets low in carbohydrates can be effective in reducing belly fat. This is because certain foods, especially those high in certain carbohydrates and fats, contribute to the storage of fat around the abdomen. Reducing these foods in combination with a healthy and balanced diet is crucial for revealing abs.