Is a vibration plate good for blood flow?

Is a vibration plate good for blood flow?

Do you suffer from annoying complaints such as cold feet, swollen ankles or painful legs? And are you curious to know whether a vibration plate is good for blood circulation and whether this device can reduce the complaints or even make them disappear? We would love to tell you more! Because in this blog, we will go into more depth on the questions "is a vibration plate good for circulation?" and "how to improve circulation in your legs?". We also give 10 handy tips to improve blood flow in your legs in other ways.

Poor circulation in your legs 

Poor circulation in the legs can lead to various complaints that can disrupt your daily life. Think cold feet, tired legs, cramps and even swollen ankles. This occurs because blood circulation is not optimal, which means essential nutrients and oxygen are not supplied properly and waste products accumulate. It is important to do something about this situation. Not only to improve your comfort, but also to prevent more serious health problems. A great first step is to use a vibration plate. In fact, a vibration plate is very good for blood flow in your legs.

Improve circulation with a vibration plate 

A vibration plate is a fitness device that generates vibrations. These vibrations are spread throughout your body as soon as you stand on it or do exercises on it. They cause your muscles to contract and relax, making your body think you are physically moving. A vibration plate is very good for circulation as it stimulates blood flow and trains the vascular walls. Best of all, you don't have to leave your house to use one of our vibration plates. Easily improve blood circulation by standing on the vibration plate at home for about 10 to 15 minutes. You can even do this while ironing or watching your favourite series!

Which vibration plate will improve blood flow?

How do you improve blood flow in your legs? By purchasing the right vibration plate first of all. One vibration plate that is good for blood flow in the legs is the Circulation Maxx Leg Revitaliser. This vibration plate for the feet and legs features the latest developments in electrical muscle stimulation technology. Impulses are sent to the muscles, after which waste products and fluid are more easily drained. Pain, swelling and other discomforts reduce or even disappear. Another fine, compact vibration plate to improve blood circulation is the Gymform Leg Action Platinum. This vibration plate has no fewer than 10 automatic programmes, 20 vibration speeds, an extra Shiatsu massage function and is extremely good for improving blood flow in your feet and legs.

10 tips for improving your circulation 

Besides using a vibration plate, there are other ways to improve blood flow in your legs. Also good for blood circulation is:

  • exercise regularly, think walking, swimming and cycling;
  • eat healthily and take in the right vitamins and minerals;
  • avoid tight clothes that actually hinder blood flow;
  • exercise the blood vessels with hot and cold foot baths;
  • handle stress better; a lot of stress can constrict blood vessels;
  • take massages that stimulate blood circulation;
  • drink enough water;
  • alternating sitting and standing;
  • wearing compression stockings if you do a lot of standing and/or flying;
  • not smoking and drinking excessive alcohol, this can also constrict blood vessels.

A vibration plate is good for circulation

As you have read, a vibration plate is really good for circulation, but there are also other things you can do to improve blood circulation in your legs. Combine the vibrating plate with a healthy lifestyle and other tips mentioned above to reduce symptoms. In addition, always remember to visit a GP or other medical professional in case of worse or persistent symptoms. Want to know more about "how to improve blood flow in your legs" or have any other questions? Feel free to contact us.