How do your intestines work during a detox?

The intestines are the engine of your body. The gut plays a huge role when it comes to your overall health. Everything you eat ends up in the intestines. This is followed by the digestion process, the intestines then get to work with the food you just ate. They provide your entire body with energy and nutrients. You need it to function. It is therefore very important to keep your intestines as healthy as possible. In this blog you can read different ways in which you can effectively keep your intestines healthy through an intestinal detox. All about these intestine detox read here.

How does the health and cleansing of your intestines work

The intestines have a self-cleaning effect. They absorb all the necessary nutrients from the food you eat and excrete the waste into the final stool. You can also measure the health of your intestines from these stools and whether you have healthy intestines. Your intestines then provide the substances that the body no longer needs. Loose stools, diarrhoea, hard stools, flatulence or a bloated feeling: all signs that your intestines could use a boost. 

Ways to support intestinal cleansing and detoxification:

There are many  different ways in which you can cleanse and detoxify your intestines. Below are the different ways to cleanse and detoxify the intestines that we have researched for you.

  1. Healthy intestines through nutrition and sufficient water:

The disc of five is a healthy pillar when it comes to important nutrients for your body. The disc of five is a visual guideline for getting enough healthy foods. Every day you should get the nutrients from all compartments of the disc. For healthy intestines, it is especially important that you get enough fiber. These healthy fibers are found in, for example, brown wholemeal bread, but nuts, seeds, kernels, vegetables and fruit also contain these healthy fibers.

Try to eat at least 250 grams of vegetables every day. You can add these to your lunch and evening meal. Examples of vegetables that are healthy for your intestines are legumes, peas, lentils, beans and broccoli.

Examples of fruit that are healthy for your intestines: raspberries, persimmon fruit, apples and blueberries.


A natural intestinal detox can be done by adjusting nutrition. By simply leaving all junk and junk food for a while, you help your intestines get back on track. These bad foods contain all kinds of added substances that your body does not need. It is better to leave products such as alcohol, sugar and coffee in this intestinal detox period. Replace these foods with healthier choices, preferably organic and high in fiber.

Also drink plenty of water during the bowel detox. Your intestines need water to properly dispose of the substances that your body does not need. Water keeps your stools supple and ensures that your intestines are flushed. Water causes the intestinal wall to swell and then starts to digest what you ate. Without enough water, you become constipated more easily. Therefore, drink a glass of water with meals.

  • Healthy intestines through probiotics

Using probiotics is also a way to get your gut healthy again. Probiotics are good bacteria for your gut packaged in products or supplements. These bacteria are absorbed by your intestinal flora and help your intestines maintain a healthy digestive and immune system. They also protect against diseases.

Probiotics promote intestinal bacteria. In addition, there are also prebiotics. Prebiotics contribute to keeping these bacteria healthy. You can also see prebiotics as the food for the bacteria in the intestines. You can, as it were, strengthen the intestinal bacteria that you already have from yourself by using a prebiotic supplement or eating healthy fibers. When your own intestinal flora is strong, you can more easily supplement these bacteria with probiotics.

You can find probiotics in different forms. You can get probiotics by eating probiotic foods. Examples include: yogurt, sauerkraut, kimchi or kefir. These products are naturally rich in good bacteria. During your intestinal detox, eat something probiotic twice a week.

In addition, there is an easier way to get enough probiotics. That is by taking one probiotica supplement. These supplements contain the right bacteria to replenish your intestinal flora. So you don't have to pay attention to getting enough probiotic foods, but you use a supplement.

  • Intestinal detox with juice or tea

You can cleanse your intestines with a juice cure or tea. During this way of detoxing, your digestive system gets some rest. Your stomach/intestines and kidneys have a break from constantly digesting solid food.

A juice cleanse can consist of different juices. You can opt for the lighter, sweeter juices in the morning and go for a firmer vegetable juice in the evening. Each bottle is packed with good vitamins, minerals and anti oxidants. They detoxify your body and give you more energy. You may even lose a few pounds with the juice cleanse.

Detox tea is intended for supplementary drinking. This tea ensures the removal of waste, but is not a meal replacement. Purifying herbs such as milk thistle are used in these teas. There are also detox tea supplements available. You can read more about this here detox tea

  • Intestinal detox with intermittent fasting

Intermittent fasting is also a way to detox the intestines. When you're eating all day, your intestines can work overtime because of the amount of food they have to digest. Intermittent fasting puts a break in this process. You eat within a certain time window. It gives your intestines a break to catch your breath. The combination of pausing digestion and rest has a favorable effect on the intestinal flora.

The disadvantage of intermittent fasting is that you have to get used to the window within which you eat during the first period. You can experience more hunger in the first period, which can cause poor concentration. Your body slowly adjusts to this. In addition, you can be a little lower in your energy during the first period. Because you are used to starting in the morning with breakfast as fuel for the day, you can relax for a while. This is also a matter of getting used to.

Do not use this with an intestinal detox 

The above ways are all intended to make your intestines healthier or to maintain the health of the intestinal flora. There are also ways that you should not use when it comes to detoxing your intestines. Long-term use of laxatives can have a negative effect on the intestines. Long-term fasting is also not conducive to the intestinal flora, so you miss the healthy nutrients for too long a period. Home-garden and kitchen detox methods, such as a lemon juice cure, are also not suitable for detoxing your intestines. The lemon juice has no proven effective cleaning method and is also very bad for both stomach and tooth enamel. 

3 products from Slimming labs that effectively help you with an intestinal detox: 

Detoxyn is an effective intestinal detox product. This supplement kills the bad bacteria in the intestines and ensures the production of a healthy intestinal flora. 

Colon cleanse is a simple supplement to cleanse the intestines. It ensures a healthy intestinal flora through the various natural ingredients. 

Probiosin plus is a supplement that promotes the functioning of the intestines. This supplement includes prickly pear. Prickly pear contains many good minerals and vitamins.