Fatigue after corona: causes, symptoms, treatments and tips

Everyone is tired from time to time. After a busy day, during a stressful period or simply after several nights of bad sleep. Unfortunately, what you also often hear these days is that people are tired after a corona infection. Corona can have a serious impact on people's health. Not only during the infection, but also in a period afterwards. Three months after an infection with the virus, almost half of people still report long-term complaints, according to the RIVM. The most common complaint is fatigue. In this blog, we discuss the causes and symptoms of fatigue after corona, as well as 'what to do about fatigue after corona'.

What is fatigue after corona?

Being very tired after corona, also called post-COVID-19 fatigue, is a persistent fatigue that people experience after recovering from COVID-19. The fatigue can be mild or severe and can last for weeks to months. Normal activities suddenly take much more energy or even fail. Many people also need more time to recover after an activity. Persistent fatigue is one of the common complaints after coronavirus infection, and it can come with unpleasant symptoms.

Causes of fatigue after corona

The causes are not yet entirely clear, but it could be due to several reasons. One of the most obvious reasons is the fact that after a corona infection, the body needs a lot of energy to recover. This can lead to fatigue and exhaustion. In addition, disrupted hormone balance, damaged lungs or other organ damage caused by COVID-19 can also lead to fatigue.

Symptoms of fatigue after corona

The symptoms of fatigue after COVID-19 are diverse and can vary from person to person. The most common symptoms are feeling tired, exhaustion, low energy and difficulty performing activities that previously took less energy. For example, it is more difficult to exercise, you have less energy to meet up with friends and family and it may be more difficult to carry out your work. There may also be concentration problems, overstimulation and forgetfulness. You can read more about common complaints on the Thuisarts website.

Treating fatigue after corona

If you suffer from extreme fatigue after a corona infection, it is important to consult a doctor. A (GP) can give tips, rule out other causes and prescribe medication, for example. There are no specific medications to reduce fatigue, but there are other types of medication that can contribute. Think of stimulant medication like methylphenidate, but also sleep aids or antidepressants to improve sleep and mood.

Tips for dealing with fatigue after corona

Besides medication, there are other ways to treat fatigue after COVID-19. Note: always discuss the treatment method with your (family) doctor first. This is very important. We give you some tips below.

Physiotherapy for fatigue after corona

What to do about fatigue after corona? One way to be less tired is to have physiotherapy. Physiotherapy can help improve overall fitness and reduce fatigue. In addition, a physiotherapist can create a tailor-made exercise schedule that will help you work on more muscle strength, more energy and better fitness the right way.

Rest and sleep for fatigue after corona

Rest and sleep are also important in recovering from fatigue after corona. Of course, it is always important to get enough sleep and schedule enough moments of rest during the day, but even more so when you are dealing with post-COVID-19. In addition, try to avoid stressors and seek relaxation in activities such as yoga, meditation, reading a book or a walk in nature. The recovery process is different for everyone, so you may need more sleep and rest than someone else.

Nutrition and supplements

If you are thinking "what to do about fatigue after corona?", it is good to know that nutrition plays a very big role in recovery. A healthy and balanced diet can improve the immune system and overall health, according to Foods rich in protein, vitamin C, D and zinc generally contribute well to more energy. It is also important to drink enough water.

Besides good nutrition, energy supplements can play an additional role in reducing fatigue after COVID-19. These supplements can help increase energy levels and improve mental focus. Of course, it is important to remember that supplements are not a substitute for a healthy diet and consultation with a doctor is always recommended before using them.

It is important to remember that much is still unknown about COVID-19 and its long-term effects. Keep abreast of the latest developments and consult reliable sources for information and advice.