Gymform Squat Perfect

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Gymform Squat Perfect

Squats seem very simple, stand upright chest up, feet under hips and make a movement as if you want to sit down.
Yet there are many people who practice this exercise incorrectly.
The knees drop in, people don't reach the right depth because they don't have the flexibility, the chest stays low or they fall over.
By squatting we train our legs, abdomen and buttocks. If we can squat more flexibly, this will certainly come in handy later in life.

To prevent falling over or incorrectly performing the squat, it is best to use the Gymform Squat Perfect.
The height of the Squat Perfect is adjustable in height so that you do not have to worry about the depth in the beginning, but only about the perfect performance.
Because the Squat Perfect catches you while squatting, you feel a lot more confident and you dare to make the squat more and more. This will allow you to make multiple repetitions, making the training more and more intensive. By lowering the device a bit in height, you challenge yourself every time.

A 30-day Squat Perfect training program is delivered together with the Squat Perfect.
You can follow these at your own level and intensity. The program ensures that
you gradually practice the squat and will train your legs and buttocks well.


  • Equipped with PST (perfect squat technology)
  • Height is adjustable
  • Equipped with 5 intensity levels
  • Ensures a perfect squat performance
  • Follow the 30 day squat perfect program

What do you get?

  • Gymform Squat Perfect
  • Workout DVD
  • 30 Day Squat Perfect Training Program
  • Squat Perfect Nutrition Guide
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