Velform Hair Erase

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Velform Hair Erase

Summer is coming! To shine well in bikini or swimsuit and nice brown
all that hair can of course be removed again! But who doesn't shave open with a razor these days?
Super annoying! Especially if you just wanted to lie by the pool and that cut in your leg does not look natural.


Fortunately, there are more ways that you can easily and quickly remove unwanted hair.
We are of course talking about the Hair Erase hair removal spray from Velform. Shake the bottle well before use,
Simply spray it on the places where you want to remove hair, wait a while and rinse.
Tadaa completely hair free and even painless and fast. Tip of the day, You can always take the bottle with you in your bag.
Do you notice that you have forgotten a piece somewhere? Just spray and it's gone!


Note, we recommend that you use a little bit of the spray on the arm first.
If you experience redness or itching, we advise you not to use the product.



  • Depilation Spray suitable for men and women
  • Painless epilation
  • Simply update your legs - arms and other body parts quickly
  • Simple Depilatory Spray for removing hair from unwanted places
  • Bottle is easy to carry
  • No more scratches and cuts on your body from shaving with a razor
  • Content: 200 ml


What do you receive?

  • 1x Velform Hair Erase a 200 ml



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