Gymform Sweat Belt

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Gymform Sweat Belt  - Sauna Slimming Belt

To get even more out of your workouts, we use the Sweatbelt from Gymform.
The Sweat Belt is the ideal thermal garment for those who need more help while losing weight.

Because the slimming belt is provided with a thermal fabric, you sweat more than usual,
so you burn toxins and fat in much less time.
Compared to other sauna belts, the gymform sweatbelt is ultra thin and you can
easy to wear under your clothes without anyone seeing it.
You can use it while running, during your strength training, but also when going around the block.
You don't have to spend hours in the gym at all.
Just wear the sweatbelt whenever you want to move and the belt will do the rest!



  • Thermal fabric - extra warm when you move
  • One size adjustable - suitable for adults
  • Easy to camouflage - easily fits under your clothes
  • Increases sweat and heat production when used during exercise
  • Made from latex-free neoprene and contoured for lower back support
  • Easy and flexible to adjust to your size and shape for a full range of motion


You receive:

  • Gymform Sweat Belt  - Sauna Slimming Belt
  • Instruction manual
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