Gymform abs-a-round pro platinum sport size L-XL

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Gymform abs-a-round pro platinum sport size L-XL

Summer is coming and you want to walk on the beach with the perfect body? Then the Gymform Abs A Round Platinum is really something for you.
The Abs A Round is the ultimate fitness - EMS trainer that trains several muscles at the same time. With the EMS belt you can easily train at home and with the core training all your muscles contract 10 times per second. The Abs A Round Platinum is easy to use and can be taken anywhere.

What is EMS Trainer?
The abbreviation 'EMS' stands for electrical muscle stimulation or electrical stimulation. This is a training program in which the muscles are stimulated and strengthened by electrodes incorporated in a suit. The suit and therefore the electrodes are connected to an external training device, in this case the Gymform Abs a Round.


  • 9 programs (now 3 extra included) and 99(!) levels
  • 360º core training
  • Trains all your core muscles at once: back, upper, middle, lower and obliques.
  • Improves posture and reduces back pain
  • Suitable for every fitness level

What do you receive?

  • EMS belt
  • 1 Abs A Round case control
  • 4 adhesive electrodes for the abs
  • 1 mini belt for legs and arms
  • Instruction booklet
  • 360º core workout
  • Console with 3 independent channels
  • 9 programs (3 extra) and 99 intensity levels
  • travel bag

This product obviously works best as a supplement to a good diet.

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