Bum Bum EMS Ab Trainer

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Bum Bum EMS Ab Trainer

Meet the Bum Bum!
A revolutionary device that helps you lift, shape and define sexy glutes.
And this in the comfort of your own home.


The secret of the Bum Bum EMS Ab Trainer is the revolutionary
Electro Muscle Stimulation technology that tightens and contracts the glutes.
This ensures that the muscles have the idea that you are training hard.


Together with the Bum Bum buttock trainer you now also receive the abdominal muscle trainer!
This ensures that the oblique, upper, lower and side muscles are properly trained.


How do you use the Bum Bum EMS Ab Trainer?

Attach the Bum Bum on the buttocks or on your stomach and turn it on.
Make sure that you first use the device for about 5 minutes and keep building it up.
Just like normal training, the intensity should be increased every day
increase a few days less (deload) and then increase again.

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