Vibromax Pro

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Vibromax Pro


Give your muscles a new boost! Regular exercise and healthy and
varied eating are the prerequisites for a healthy, flexible and fit body.
In our busy lives, there is often too little time left for sports, walking or cycling.
A short training on the Gymform Vibromax PRO vibration plate is the ideal way to work on your body.
Just 10 minutes a day, just in the living room or bedroom!


The Gymform VibroMax PRO uses advanced technology of whole body vibration and
accelerated body resistance programs to contract and relax every muscle in your body!
This results in an intense workout with a lot of power. And the best thing is it doesn't take any effort
the device does all the work for you.


By using the Gymform Vibromax PRO Trip plate your body becomes more flexible,
less fatigue and less sore muscles, it improves your circulation and you feel more energetic.
The Gymform Vibromax PRO Triplate is the solution for a fast and highly effective workout!




  • Up to 50 muscle contractions per second
  • 10 programs / 99 intensity levels
  • With wheels; compact and easy to store
  • A whole workout in 10 minutes a day!
  • Get fit quickly in your living room or bedroom!


You receive:



  • Gymform VibroMax PRO
  • Wireless remote control
  • Set of elastic bands (2 pieces)
  • Instructions
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