Velform Vibratone Pro

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Velform Vibratone Pro

The Velform Vibratone Pro is a portable massage device that you can easily use for your entire body.
Because there are 6 different massage heads supplied, you can easily choose which body part you want to have massaged.

The different massage heads help you choose just the right stimulation for every spot on your body.
With up to 3,000 powerful vibrations per minute, the skin and muscles are equally well massaged.
Thanks to the high vibration speed and the rotational movements that perform muscular contractions 50 times per second,
the Vibratone Pro ™ performs a deep and professional massage. Always & whenever you want!



  • High vibration speed and rotational movements
  • Intensity easily adjustable
  • Supplied with 6 massage heads
  • Portable and compact massager
  • Easy in use
  • Can be used for the entire body
  • Power: 25 Watt, 220 - 240 V, 50 Hz


You receive:

  • 1x Vibratone Pro Massage Device
  • 6x Different massage heads
  • 1x Travel bag
  • 1x Diet Guide
  • 1x Manual
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