Velform Sauna Slimmer

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Velform Sauna Smarter

When you are already training well but even more from your training
If you want to achieve this, you can easily use the Sauna Slimmer from Velform.
This slimming belt ensures that you will sweat more around your waist and abdomen during your workouts.

Not only can you use the Sauna Smarter during exercise.
You can also use it very well for all your daily activities.
Simply wear the slimming band under your normal clothes during office hours or while shopping.
No one will notice that you have anything on under your clothes.

The slimming band is made of various compression fabrics and polymer.
As soon as you put the band around your stomach, you will sweat more here.
The fabric retains heat well between your body and the slimming belt.
The Sauna Slimmer is suitable for both men and women
and can be adjusted to your size every time.


  • Makes you sweat even more during your workouts
  • Suitable for both man and woman
  • Slimming belt is easily adjustable
  • Not visible under your normal clothes
  • Made of various compression fabrics and Polymer
  • Color: Black / Gray

What do you receive?

  • Velform Sauna Slimmer – Slimming Belt
  • diet booklet
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