North American Pedal trainer

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North American Pedal trainer

Today we can always find the right way for every person
to get to his or her daily movement.
After all, sufficient exercise is very important. The North American pedal trainer is suitable for
people who have little time for their training and for people who are a bit worse
walking but want to be able to move in a safe and comfortable way.


The Deluxe Home Exercise Bike ensures that you can simply take a seat on a chair or on the couch.
Then place the feet in the pedals and start cycling.
The pedal trainer is equipped with an LCD screen which shows the time, distance,
and number of calories burned. This way you can immediately see whether you have almost reached your daily goal.
If you want to make cycling a bit heavier for yourself, simply turn the resistance knob on the side.
The cycling is then slightly heavier.


The big advantage of the pedal trainer is that everyone is there
can make use of it and so everyone can get back to exercise.
You simply place it in front of you and just start cycling, it's that simple.




  • Do the right exercises at home on a chair or on the couch
  • Equipped with LCD screen which shows the time, distance, and number of calories burned
  • Resistance of the bicycle is easy to determine by the rotary knob on the side
  • Get your daily exercise easily
  • Dimensions: 67 x 42 x 87 cm
  • Material: DC03, PA6 + 30% PVC, HIPS, Powder Coating, Glass and Battery


What do you receive?

  • Pedal trainer


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