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What are supplements

Supplements are very popular these days and many people add them to their daily diet. But what exactly are supplements and why should you take supplements? 

Supplements are designed to easily supplement your daily intake of nutrients that your body needs to stay healthy and function optimally. This includes supplements that are full of vitamins, minerals, fiber, amino acids or other nutrients. Supplements are available in different forms, including pills, tablets, drops, capsules, powders or drinks.

What supplements do I need?

Not everyone has the same nutritional needs, so the need for supplements can vary greatly per person. Which supplements you benefit from depends on various factors, such as your age, gender, lifestyle, diet and health. In general, you get sufficient nutrients through your daily diet if you eat a healthy and varied diet.

Why take supplements

Now you're probably thinking, why should I take supplements? Sometimes you do not get enough nutrients through food, for example because you follow a certain diet or are vegetarian. You may also have an increased need for certain nutrients, due to your age, active lifestyle or personal goals. It may then be wise to take supplements to work on this in a targeted manner. 

It may also be that you have certain goals for which it is easier to use supplements, because they contain higher concentrations of active ingredients. Think about prevent aging, increase libido and encouraging weight loss. Furthermore, supplements can also contribute sleep better, improve mood and you sports performance to lift to a higher level. By taking supplements you help your body stay healthy and function optimally.

Supplement to a healthy lifestyle

Supplements are a good addition to a healthy lifestyle, but they are not a substitute for a varied diet and sufficient exercise. A healthy lifestyle consists of adequate sleep, sufficient exercise and a healthy diet and is essential for good health. Supplements can correct any mineral and vitamin deficiencies and optimize health, but they are most effective when combined with a healthy lifestyle. Regardless of which supplement you take, it is important to also work on your health in other ways.