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Ab trainers

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Gymform Ab Booster Plus
Core Shaper
Gymform Ab Generator 
Total Crunch
Gymform abs-a-round pro platinum sport size L-XL
Gymform Abs A Round Console en elektroden pads
Revoflex Xtreme
Wonder Core – Slide Fit
As low as ‎119.00
Gymform Total Abs Platinum

What is an ab trainer?

What exactly is an ab trainer? An ab trainer is a device with which you can train the abdominal muscles. These products are specially designed to tighten your abs and core.

Slimminglabs only sells the popular variants that have been sold for years, including via television. Although abdominal trainers support muscle development, they are of course not miracle cures. Abdominal muscles are often covered by a layer of fat. It is also important to pay attention to your diet and exercise enough.

Buy the right ab trainer

Do you want to achieve optimal results? Then of course you have to buy the right ab trainer. At Slimminglabs you will find a varied collection of ab trainers / abdominal muscle trainers that suit different wishes and requirements. When purchasing an ab trainer, always take into account your body type, training goals and any specific zones you want to target. 


Do you also want to target other muscle groups in addition to abdominal muscles? Then devices such as the Gymform Ab Booster Plus are very suitable. If you mainly want to train your abdominal muscles, you could also do this with our EMS trainers. The abbreviation 'EMS' stands for electrical muscle stimulation or electrostimulation. Thanks to the abdominal muscle trainer, your muscles think they are working hard, while this is not the case. Muscles contract and relax, simulating exercise. You can use the abdominal muscle trainer for your abdomen, but also for other zones.

Our collection of ab trainers and abdominal muscle trainers

We are extremely proud of our extensive collection of top-quality ab trainers and abdominal muscle trainers. The products have been carefully selected based on effectiveness, quality, sustainability and customer satisfaction. Do you want to train your abs? Or would you like more information about the best abdominal muscle trainer? Contact us and we will be happy to help you make choices. The best part of it all? If you choose a Slimminglabs product, it will be shipped the next day. This way you can get started quickly!