Hair vitamins: vitamins for hair growth

You would like to boost your hair growth in an easy way and stop hair loss. You see more and more vitamins in the shops that promote your hair growth. After reading this blog, you will know all about these hair vitamins, what types there are and how best to use these vitamins.

Do hair vitamins really work?

Hair growth vitamins exist in several varieties these days, for instance as tablets or a gummy that looks like a candy. There have now been small-scale studies on the use of vitamins for your hair. You may be able to stimulate hair growth if you are deficient in biotin, vitamin B, vitamin C, zinc, selenium or folic acid and you take these substances via a supplement, for example. The downside is that if you take in too many of some substances, you may actually lose hair, which of course is not what you want. So always read the information leaflet carefully before taking supplements.

Vitamin deficiency and hair growth

If you suffer from vitamin deficiency, your hair may not grow as fast as you want it to. This is because your hair needs enough vitamins to grow. You can get these vitamins through supplements or food. You may notice a vitamin deficiency by, for example, your hair falling out, your nails becoming brittle or your legs becoming sore. An example of a vitamin that is good for hair is biotin, also known as vitamin H. This vitamin contributes to healthy hair and nails. You get biotin through eating, for example, mushrooms, salmon, nuts and eggs. There are also supplements that contain biotin.

The best hair vitamins at a glance

Which vitamins for hair growth you end up using is up to you. Below is an overview of the best hair vitamins:

  • Vitamin A takes care of sebum production and protects the scalp
  • Vitamin B helps normal hair growth
  • Vitamin C protects against brittle hair and creates collagen for hair care 
  • Vitamin D protects against thinning hair and hair loss
  • Vitamin E is needed so that hair follicles receive the right building blocks 
  • Biotin / Vitamin H is important for healthy hair
  • Zinc is often associated with hair loss when it is deficient
  • Niacin ensures that nutrients can properly reach the hair and scalp


These vitamins are all good for hair growth or against hair loss. So you can choose to take a supplement containing several types of vitamins or take a single one. You can also vary your diet sufficiently if you prefer not to take supplements.

Hair vitamins at Slimminglabs

A healthy diet contributes to getting enough vitamins and minerals. This is important if you want to prevent hair loss as much as possible. It is often more convenient to supplement your diet with a supplement like the Profolan hair vitamins. You take these easily and this way you can try to stimulate your hair growth and prevent hair loss.


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