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Happy Leg - Legs trainer

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Happy Leg

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Happy Leg Legs trainer


Comes to you because of your work not enough exercise? 
Or is you are correct the whole day at school and you come mar does not suit your steps? 
Sufficient exercise is very important, however there are many people today who do not. 
On offices you see nowadays that they a compulsory 15 
which you outward to the legs to zones. 
This is, of course, super good but that one fifteen minutes is not nearly enough.

To ensure that you come every day to exercise 
It is best to use the legs trainer of Happy Place! 
This leg trainer makes sure that your legs are happy again by all movement that they get. 
The great thing about this device is that you just keep doing your work, 
or you can simply keep studying while the legs feel as if you are walking a round.

The Happy place leg trainer works very simple. 
You sit down where you want to insert the HappyLeg and under your feet. 
Choose one of the three speeds and the pendalen will go up and down. 
The legs and the rest of the body now get impulses by making them think that you are running. 
While you're actually sitting. Now are you really easy to your total number of steps a day.



  • Provides sufficient exercise every day
  • Easy-to-use
  • Suitable for during office hours, or while watching a series
  • Provides a constant leg movement
  • Compact, easy to store after use
  • Equipped with 3 speeds
  • Power: 20 Watt, 110-220V
  • Dimensions: 41 x 33 x 14 cm
  • Max weight: 150 kg

What will you receive?

  • Happy Leg Legs trainer
  • Remote control

Disclaimer: The effect of this nutritional supplement might differ from one person to another and can also not be guaranteed. 

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