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Gymstick - Original 2.0 - Light Green

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Gymstick - Original 2.0 - Light Green

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Gymstick - Original 2.0 - Light Green


#Home workout! Exercise in any way remains very important.
Most people think too hard about it and have no idea what kind of workouts you can do in your own backyard or balcony.
Once you have the Gymstick at home, these bodybase workouts are turned into a real cardio - strength Full Body workout !.


Thanks to the Gymstick, strength, cardio, flexibility and stability can be trained in one workout.
Due to the compact design, a Gymstick weighs almost nothing, making it easy to carry and making strength training possible anywhere, anytime.
Thanks to the elastics you can adjust the resistance yourself. This way you can quickly switch exercises and keep the tempo nice and high.
Moreover, with elastic resistance you are not dependent on gravity, resulting in many different total body workouts.


The Gymstick is a 1.30 m long fiberglass stick to which elastic bands in different resistances can be attached.
There is a loop at the end of the straps, through which you can put hands or feet.
The elastic bands create dynamic resistance, while the stick acts as a lever.


This medium resistance stick gives a resistance of 1-10 kg.


Product information:


  • Train your entire body
  • Combines strength, cardio, flexibility and stability
  • Provides a resistance of 1-10 kg
  • Adjust the resistance bands at your own level
  • Suitable for both the beginner and the advanced
  • Stay at home workouts
  • Gymstick is a 1.30 m long fiberglass stick with elastic bands
  • Very compact design

Disclaimer: The effect of this nutritional supplement might differ from one person to another and can also not be guaranteed. 

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