Fish Drive

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Fish Drive

Tablets for helping to catch fish.


The natural complex is soluble in water, the area of ​​​​action is 200 meters in diameter from the place of decomposition.
Natural Organic Attractant is non-addictive in individuals, works at 5 nanograms
when put into the water, has an attractive effect on all kinds of fish,
of various sizes, including deep-sea species.


The effect of the attractant is maintained under the condition of a fast flow.


Natural attractant does not contain any chemical, aggressive, toxic, genetically modified substances,
preservatives, does not pollute the environment, reservoirs and biosystems
of reservoirs, is biodegradable.


Ingredients: shrimp concentrate, crayfish, maral antler, maral blood, aniseed, corn seeds,
dandelion root, garlic, willow bark, beans, fern, larch, honeydew, perga, crustaceans,
albumen, food glitter E171.


Content: 10 pieces


Warning: This is not a dietary supplement. The tablets are for use for catching fish only!


Directions for use: remove the tablet from its packaging, throw it into a pond or attach it to a fishing line.
Once in the water, the attractant begins to dissolve slowly.
Fish caught in a cloud of muti or at a distance of up to 200 meters from it,
will swim to the fishing spot after 5-10 minutes.


Storage instructions: Keep the product out of direct sunlight, store at a temperature not exceeding 25 °C

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