Elektrodenpads - Gymform Total Abs

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Electrode Pads - Gymform Total Abs


In time, an electrode pad must be replaced.
How fast this is depends on the user's skin type and how often the electrode pad is used.
We recommend replacing the pad at least after about 30 sessions.


If you notice that the electrode pad loses efficiency too soon, moisten them with a cloth.
They can often last a little longer.
If they really need to be replaced, you can quickly and easily order 5 new pads here
and you can use your Gymform Total Abs or other muscle stimulation device.


  • Set of 5 adhesive electrodes with hooks
  • Suitable for the Gymform Total Abs but also for other muscle stimulators
  • Handy replacement pads


You receive


  • 5 electrode pads
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