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BX Fitness Gym Pull-up Bar - Pull-up bar

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BX Fitness

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BX Fitness Gym Pull-up Bar - Pull-up bar


To train your shoulders, arms, back and triceps you can easily use the chin-up bar from BX Fitness.
You can easily adapt this Gym Pull-up Bar to your door frame and then you can easily perform all your workouts.


The chin-up bar can be used for both the beginner and the advanced.
You can perform your own exercises and build up the pull up by, for example
first hang with strict arms and try to pull yourself up a bit.
You can also use jump up a step and then slowly lower yourself down.
If you are already super good at pull-ups, you can do as many strict repetitions as possible or even perform the exercise with extra weight.
In addition to performing a pull up, you can of course perform many other exercises such as a chin-up.




  • Easy to adapt to door frame
  • In orange - black or blue
  • Suitable for Pull-ups - chin-ups and more
  • Train your arms, shoulders, back, triceps
  • To be used for the beginner and the advanced
  • Handy to store

Disclaimer: The effect of this nutritional supplement might differ from one person to another and can also not be guaranteed. 

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