Backnetix Knee Brace

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Backnetix Knee Brace

If you are limited by lower back pain during your daily activities such as walking,
sitting, shopping or doing the housework, Backnetix can help you by letting the muscles relax.
The pain in your lower back may radiate through the sciatic nerve to your legs.
Because of this it is possible that you also feel the pain in your legs. As a result, Backnetix tackles the pain through your leg.

You wear the Backnetix knee brace just below your knee and thanks to the handy buckles you can conveniently fasten it to your size.
The padded pad on the Backnetix gently presses on the center acupuncture point
of your calf muscle to relieve the pain in your lower back.

Because the Backnetix is ​​invisible under your own clothing, you can just keep doing it
what you always did but much easier. The round you always walked is possible again
be walked and the household is a lot nicer to do.


  • Invisible under your clothes
  • Can be worn all day long
  • Suitable for both men and women
  • Adjustable to the right size by handy buckle
  • Equipped with a finely padded cushion
  • Helps relax the muscles in the back

What do you get?

  • Backnetix Knee Brace
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