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Vibro Shaper Power Fit Vibrationsplatte

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Full body workout in just 10 minutes

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Vibro Shaper Vibration Platform


Thanks to its 99 training levels,
the Vibro Shaper is the new training device that everyone, 
young and old,beginner or advanced, is currently using forfitness training. 
With the Power Fit Vibration Plate, you can choose whether
you’d like to do a light walk or a more strenuous run. 
This is why the Vibro Shaper Power Fit Vibration Plateis suitable for the whole family!


Because this Vibration Plate from Vibro Shaper uses random muscle stimulation
all the muscles in your body will react as thoughyou are training. 
This is because every time a different stimulation is applied, 
your muscles react and then recover. 
That’s why with the Vibro Shaper Power Fit Vibration Plate, 
you will have a Full Body Workout.


How does the Vibro Shaper work?


The Vibro Shaper Power Fit vibration plate works very simply. 
You place your feet in the correct area and let the Vibro Shaper do the rest. 
You only need to train for 10 minutes a dayto get excellent results. 
Your metabolism and blood circulation will also be stimulated,because 
the Power Fit Vibration Plate uses 3600 vibrations per minute!


Product info:

  • Trains your muscles and focuses on problem areas
  • Provides 99 training levels
  • Stimulates blood circulation as well as metabolism
  • Suitable for beginners as well as advanced training, for young and old
  • Only 10 minutes a day
  • Easy to store
  • Train in the comfort of your own home


What is included?

  • Vibro Shaper Power Fit Vibration Plate
  • Vibro Shape Meal Plan
  • 2 elastic bands
  • Remote control
  • User manual

Disclaimer: The effect of this nutritional supplement might differ from one person to another and can also not be guaranteed. 

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